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Triads 1 - VJ Clip Pack

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Triads 1 - VJ Clip Pack

Mowgli TV
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Enter a world of parallel universes full of big bangs and geometric choreographies.

Trio of .mov DXV clips with alpha channel for use in Resolume.

32 beats long at 120BPM and 60fps
Speed them up, slow them down. The high frame rate ensures smooth playback at any tempo.

Awesome when used simultaneously on 3 layers and manipulated live. Their interwoven cycles create infinite choreographies by varying the BPM playback ratios between clips.

Use Beatloopr and Cuepoints to exploit their long duration. Create countless sub-clips and whole performances from them.

The included alpha channel makes them powerful compositing tools great for layering effects on or simply changing their stacking order to achieve different looks.

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Pack of 3 VJ clips with alpha made for live performance compositing and effecting.

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